Quality, environment andsafety policy


Kripflow has maintained a global presence in the fluid handling market since the 1980s, steadfast in our dedication to providing customers with advanced, high-quality, user-friendly innovations for the transfer and metering of fuels, lubricants, and industrial liquids. Our corporate mission, as defined by our leadership, is articulated as follows:

  1. Ensure total customer satisfaction by providing products and services of exceptional quality and timely delivery, developed collaboratively with our valued customers.
  2. Strive to be recognized as a market leader and innovator, responsive to market needs through attentive listening and constant innovation.
  3. Drive continuous growth in market share.
  4. Invest in research and development, new technologies, and human capital.
  5. Optimize efficiency and effectiveness across all business processes.
  6. Maintain agility and responsiveness in product development and implementation.
  7. Pursue ongoing product enhancement in performance, safety, reliability, services, internal processes, and occupational health and safety systems.
  8. Monitor performance and quality indicators to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
  9. Uphold a commitment to occupational health and safety to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, complying with all relevant standards and laws.
  10. Ensure environmental protection in adherence to applicable regulations and laws.
  11. Foster a shared company culture prioritizing safety and environmental stewardship at every level, promoting risk awareness, analysis, and mitigation.
  12. Prevent identifiable and monitorable risks through corrective actions and comprehensive training, with a focus on supervisor involvement.
  13. Prioritize consultation and participation of workers and union representatives.
  14. Promote daily policies that contribute to the well-being of all stakeholders and conserve energy and resources.
  15. Cultivate fair and respectful interpersonal and professional relationships.
  16. Engage suppliers and stakeholders in upholding Kripflow's values.

To support the realization of these objectives, Kripflow has established a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001, an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001, and an occupational health and safety management system compliant with ISO 45001.

The President