Kripflow offers innovative products

that set the standard for handling and movement of both thin and viscous fluids.

Our journey involves crafting a broad range of modern equipment for the petroleum, petrochemical, aviation, marine and military industries, as well as a diverse customer base of industrial liquid process plants worldwide.

Kripflow is a privately held business that stays close to its customers and markets. What sets us apart from our competitors is a focus on highly engineered, quality products, industry-leading innovation and solid partnerships we form with customers and suppliers around the world.

While many factories make quality equipment, few are equipped to meet the specific demands of international markets and end-users. At Kripflow, we're uniquely positioned to support international end-users, engineering firms, systems integrators, and OEMs alike.


Kripflow emerged in the early 2000s as a response to the demand for top-tier fluid handling solutions. The company's founders, possessing substantial experience in the petroleum industry, identified a significant gap in the market for products that could offer dependable and efficient fluid handling.

Our journey began with the development of fuel dispensers, combining cutting-edge technology, modern design, and advanced manufacturing methods. This led to Kripflow rapidly establishing a reputation for delivering products that excelled in quality, performance, and innovation, filling a crucial void in the market. Subsequently, we expanded our product range to encompass fuel management systems (FMS), automatic tank gauging systems (ATG), hose reels, storage tanks, nozzles, and a wide array of other fluid handling solutions.

Over the years, we continually challenged conventional industry standards by introducing disruptive solutions that empowered our customers to achieve their objectives and drive business success.

Today, Kripflow products find applications across diverse sectors, including oil & gas, mining, marine, aviation, construction, and beyond. Our solutions are highly sought after by retail establishments, petrol stations, airports, and other high-volume fueling centers worldwide.

At Kripflow, our unwavering focus has always been on delivering exceptional value to customers while maintaining uncompromising standards of quality, performance, and safety. This commitment has rightfully cemented our position as a dependable and trusted partner, contributing to the global economic landscape.

As we celebrate our achievements, Kripflow remains dedicated to innovation and customer excellence, with ambitious plans for growth. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology and solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses and uphold our position as a leader in fluid handling solutions.