Manual Wheel Mounted Oil Dispenser - Oil

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Oil Dispensers
APPLICATION Aeronautics, Agriculture, Automotive, Building and road construction, Manufacturing industry, Mining industry, Railway transport


Meet the manual wheel-mounted oil dispenser—a mobile solution for precision lubrication. Featuring a double-acting pump, this dispenser is ready to handle your oil dispensing needs with efficiency. Equipped with a substantial 24-liter tank and a convenient level indicator, you'll always stay informed about your oil levels. The 2-meter delivery hose adds flexibility to your reach, making it easy to access various points. With the capability to deliver oils up to SAE 240 density, this dispenser is a reliable companion for maintaining optimal lubrication in your machinery. Roll into action with this wheel-mounted dispenser for hassle-free and precise oil application.

Technical Data


Tank capacity 24 l
Suitable for drums -
Delivery hose length 2 m
Suction tube length -
Quantity delivered for complete cycle of the lever 220 g
Max oil density delivered SAE 240
Drum clamping ring -
Trolley -
Antisplash funnel p/n 24891
Packing No. 1 - 0,090 m3
Weight 13,7 kg

Dimension (mm)


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