Fixed Hose Reels 1/4" - 10 m - Air, Water

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Hose Reels
FLUID Air, Water
APPLICATION Agriculture, Automotive, Building and road construction, Manufacturing industry


Made of coated steel, stainless steel AISI 304, or motorized hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric materials, our spring-loaded, fixed, or swiveling hose reels are intended for flexible hoses that are used to deliver compressed air, water, oil, or similar substances, such as grease, diesel, gasoline, antifreeze, windshield fluid, AdBlue®, and food products. These reels are more useful because they make it easier to dispense just the necessary amount of hose. Rewinding the hose is a quick and safe procedure that keeps your workspace neat. Your staff's safety is guaranteed since you always have equipment on hand thanks to these reels.

Technical Data


Pressure 20 bar
Compatible fluids air - water
Swivel joint brass
Seals Viton®
Characteristic fixed
Material painted steel
Couplings brass
Hose p/n 971.010
ø and hose length ø 1/4" - 10 m
Inlet G 3/8" (m)
Outlet G 1/4" (m)
Reel flow path brass - nylon PA6

Dimensions (MM)


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