Electric Motorized Industrial Hose Reels - Water, Oil

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Hose Reels
FLUID Water, Oil
APPLICATION Manufacturing industry, Mining industry, Shipping and offshore, Railway transport


Introducing our robust hose reel designed for versatility and durability in handling water, oil, diesel, and various industrial fluids. Crafted from sturdy painted steel with a hardness rating of 700, this reel means business when it comes to withstanding the demands of your work environment.

Equipped with a reliable 24 V DC electric motor, this reel ensures efficient and hassle-free operation, providing the power you need to tackle any task. With a maximum pressure rating of 20 bar, it's well-suited for handling the demands of industrial settings.

Technical Data


Pressure 20 bar
Compatible fluids air - water - diesel fuel
Swivel joint aluminum
Seals Viton®
Characteristic electric 24 V DC
Material painted steel
Couplings -
Hose -
ø and hose length -
Inlet G 2" (f)
Outlet G 2" (f)
Reel flow path aluminum - zinc plated steel


Hose Reel Capacity

ø 3/8" ø 1/2" ø 3/4" ø 1" ø 1,1/4" ø 1,1/2" ø 2"
160 m 110 m 65 m 32 m 20 m 17 m 10 m


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