Trolley Mounted Manual Grease Dispenser - Grease

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Grease Dispensers
FLUID Grease
APPLICATION Aeronautics, Agriculture, Building and road construction, Manufacturing industry, Mining industry, Railway transport


Introducing the trolley-mounted manual grease dispenser—a robust solution for precision lubrication in high-pressure environments. This heavy-duty dispenser is equipped with 13 kg tank, ensuring an abundant supply of grease to tackle even the most demanding tasks. The manual operation puts you in control, allowing for precise application tailored to your machinery's needs.

Mounted on a sturdy trolley, this dispenser offers mobility and convenience, making it a breeze to transport and navigate around your workspace. Whether you're maintaining heavy machinery or intricate components, this manual grease dispenser is your go-to companion for ensuring optimal performance. It's not just a tool; it's a reliable partner in keeping your equipment running smoothly under high-pressure conditions.

Technical Data


Tank capacity 13 kg
Delivery hose length 2,5 m -1/4"
Delivery hose p/n KR6802
Max grease outlet pressure 300 ÷ 350 bar
Capacity every 10 cycles of lever 40 g
Pump -
Compression ratio -
Noise level -
Max working pressure -
Max air consumption -
Capacity (free outlet 6 bar self-levelling grease at 20 °C) -
Grease follower plate yes
Grease coupler p/n 66739
Nipple -
Grease gun -
Packing No. 1 - 0,070 m3
Weight 14 kg

Dimension (mm)


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