Pneumatic Wheel Mounted Grease Dispenser - Grease

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Grease Dispensers
FLUID Grease
APPLICATION Aeronautics, Agriculture, Building and road construction, Manufacturing industry, Mining industry, Centralized lubrication, Railway transport


Meet the pneumatic wheel-mounted grease dispenser—a true game-changer in the world of lubrication. This powerhouse comes with a hefty 13 kg tank, ensuring you have an ample supply to keep things running smoothly. But what sets it apart is the pump with an impressive R 65:1 ratio, delivering a punch of pressure for efficient and precise grease application. The pneumatic design adds a touch of convenience, making this dispenser a mobile force ready to roll wherever your machinery needs a dose of lubrication. It's not just a tool; it's a mobile solution for keeping things well-oiled and operational.

Technical Data


Tank capacity 13 kg
Delivery hose length 4 m - 1/4"
Delivery hose p/n 993.504
Max grease outlet pressure 350 ÷ 400 bar
Capacity every 10 cycles of lever -
Pump p/n 63041
Compression ratio 65:1
Noise level 81 dB
Max working pressure 8 bar
Max air consumption 330 l/min
Capacity (free outlet 6 bar self-levelling grease at 20 °C) 1000 g/min
Grease follower plate yes
Grease coupler p/n 66740
Nipple p/n 66892
Grease gun p/n 66888
Packing No. 1 - 0,100 m3
Weight 16,7 kg

Dimension (mm)


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