Grease Gun with Terminal, Swivel Joint and Inlet - Grease

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Grease Dispensers
FLUID Grease
APPLICATION Aeronautics, Agriculture, Automotive, Building and road construction, Manufacturing industry, Mining industry, Railway transport


A sleek grease gun designed for precision and flexibility. This tool means business with its G 1/4" (f) inlet, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. The flexible terminal adds a dash of versatility, allowing you to reach those tricky spots with finesse. And let's not forget the single swivel joint—it's the secret weapon that makes maneuvering a breeze. This grease gun isn't just a tool; it's a precision instrument, ready to tackle lubrication tasks with style.

Technical Data


Terminal flexible
Inlet swivel joint single G 1/4" (f), p/n 66661
Grease coupler special 4-jaw, p/n 66740


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