65 Liter Gravity and Suction Drainer - Grease

PRODUCT CATEGORY Grease & Lubrication | Grease Dispensers
FLUID Grease
APPLICATION Aeronautics, Agriculture, Automotive, Building and road construction


Introducing the gravity and suction drainer—a compact powerhouse with a 65-liter capacity, perfect for efficient fluid extraction. Equipped with a transparent prechamber and suction probe kit, this drainer provides visibility and versatility in your fluid handling tasks. With a maximum draining capacity of 52 liters and a generous 15-liter bowl, it ensures a quick and effective fluid change. Plus, with a depressurization time of just 2 minutes, this drainer is all about efficiency, making your maintenance routine a seamless experience.

Technical Data


Tank capacity 65 l
Max draining capacity 52 l
Prechamber capacity 8 l
Bowl capacity 15 l
Air pressure for depressurisation 6,5 ÷ 7 bar
Depressurisation time 2 min
Noise level 75 dB
Suction speed 1,5 ÷ 2 l/min
Total suction capacity 43 ÷ 45 l
Discharging/Suction hose 2 m / 2 m
Max pressure for discharging 0,5 bar
Set of probes p/n 45560
Packing No. 3 - 0,330 m3
Weight 38,2 kg

Dimension (mm)


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