Single Channel Fuel Tank Alarm - Chemicals, Water, Oil

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Tank Gauging Systems
FLUID Chemicals, Water, Oil


  • Choice of high level, low level or bund alert
  • Weatherproof IP55 enclosure
  • Red LED text display & 90dB sounder
  • Test and alarm mute functions
  • 4 x external mounting lugs
  • Automatic reversed float logic if ‘low’ alert is selected
  • Available in mains power
  • Come with volt-free contact relay
  • Versions with diesel/oil probe for fuel tanks
  • Versions without probe for use with fluids other than diesel/oil


Depending on their needs, the user of the single channel gasoline tank alarm system can configure the alarm to sound for a high level, low level, or bund leak. The multi-zone tank level alarm is overspecified when the user only needs to be informed to one event; in this case, the level and bund alarm is an easy and affordable alternative.

The user is informed of the activated tank state by the seven segment LED display, which is easy to read and understand, on the single channel gasoline tank alarm. It has a test button that sounds the 90dB alarm and flashes the display with the tank level alarm's current configuration. There's also a mute button that turns off the sounder.

An extra feature of this main-powered fuel tank alarm is a volt-free relay, which can be used to connect the alarm to other on-site equipment like a building management system or another mains-powered single channel alarm that allows the alarm status to be monitored remotely, like from the office. Although it is frequently used as a diesel tank alarm, it can also be utilized with a variety of fluids, including chemicals, water, and waste oil.


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