Mains Multi-Compartment Fuel Tank Alarm - Oil

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Tank Gauging Systems


  • For any combination of high, low, bund
  • Weatherproof IP55 rated box
  • LED channel lights up to indicate the issue
  • 90db sounder
  • Flashing orange strobe
  • Test and mute functions
  • Automatically reversed float logic for 'low channels'
  • Accepts multiple voltages of 110v, 230v, 12v and 24v
  • Option available with 3 relays
  • Options with probe/s available - see table
  • SWS2000 and SWS2001 not supplied with probes - select from accessories table
  • 95m max probe length


The three purposes of a multi-compartment fuel tank alarm system are to identify and alert users to tank overfills, high or low liquid levels, and bund leaks. The channel in question will illuminate on the alarm's screen along with an alert sounder and flashing orange strobe, giving the user a clear notice of the activated tank situation, if any of these problems are detected by the fuel tank alarm. With a very basic set of electrical jumpers, each channel may be configured in any of the three functions—High, Low, or Bund—allowing for complete customization of these gasoline tank alarms dependent on the needs of the user.

Three relay options are provided to connect external equipment, such as a building management system for remote monitoring, to each channel of the tank level alarm. The pump can also be controlled by the relays (if equipped) with this level and bund alarm. Upon reaching 'low' in the gasoline storage tank level, the pump activates and remains operational until 'high' is achieved.

We also provide a water and chemical alarm probe and a high viscosity oil tank level probe, which may be used for both high viscosity oils and AdBlue, in case you need a tank level alert for an oil other than diesel or light oil. Kindly refer to the accessories table for further details.

Note that the codes SWS2000 and SWS2001 do not include probes in their entirety. To choose the necessary combination, please view the accessories table. Every wire needs to be noise-free electrically.


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