High Viscosity Tank Level Alarm Probe - Waste Oil, Chemical, Water

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Tank Gauging Systems
FLUID Waste Oil, Chemical, Water


  • High/low tank level probe for viscous oils
  • 5m PVC cable
  • 1.5" F BSP Plastic cap & cable gland
  • 3 wire NO & NC Contacts
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Temp Range: 0°c - +60°c
  • Max Pressure 4.5kg/cm2
  • Switching angle (up = 18deg +/- 4deg,  down = 3deg +/- 3deg)
  • 3A max switching current


The purpose of this single tank level alarm probe is to notify of a high or low level in tanks holding debris or high viscosity fluids when used in conjunction with the Kripflow tank alarms. This level switch's main application is in waste oil tank alarms, which hold oils that need to be recycled or disposed of in garage and workshop settings. Because the switch is enclosed, a dependable shut off is guaranteed even in the presence of particles. For high-and bund applications, the supplied weight can be fastened to the cable at any suitable length to change the switching height.


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