Fuel Tank Level Gauge

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Tank Gauging Systems


  • Pneumatic fuel tank contents gauge
  • Litre reading
  • Spring loaded plunger to pull/release
  • 1” and ½” M BSP dual threaded
  • Supplied with 20metres of PVC capillary
  • For diesel tanks 1200-3000mm height
  • For water/AdBlue 1200-2500mm height
  • Accuracy +/-3% at full scale
  • Gauge face 145mm x 135mm
  • For rectangular & cylindrical tanks
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene, biodiesel up to B100, water and urea


Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge is a pneumatic tank level indicator that displays the amount of diesel, AdBlueTM, or fuel oil left in a storage tank. When the spring-loaded plunger mechanism is released, the needle falls to the remaining contents in the storage tank. Its huge mechanical front then shows this clearly in litres as a calibrated gauge. The is a very popular and adaptable tank level indicator. It can be used with horizontal, vertical, cylindrical, and rectangular fuel tanks with heights ranging from 1200 mm to 3000 mm for diesel and up to 2500 mm for water/AdBlue.

An additional feature of the fuel tank gauge is an adjustable second needle that you can use to define a level parameter and determine when the tank has reached the point at which you've determined you need to reorder fuel. This contents gauge comes with an impact-resistant housing that is simple to wall or tank install.


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