Economy Fuel Tank Level Alarm - Chemicals, Water, Oil

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Tank Gauging Systems
FLUID Chemicals, Water, Oil


  • Choice of high or low level
  • Weatherproof IP55 enclosure
  • 1 x PP3 battery powered
  • Red flashing LED & 90dB sounder
  • Test & alarm mute functions
  • 4 x mounting lugs for ease of installation
  • c/w a choice of three labels for identifying the alarm
  • Versions with diesel/oil probe for fuel tanks
  • Version without probe for use with other fluids
  • 25m max probe length


When just one alert is needed, the entry-level battery-powered Economy Fuel Tank Level Alarm system is the perfect choice. It is intended to alert the user that action will be necessary soon by means of a 90db sounder and an integrated flashing red LED when the tank level reaches either a high or low state. This straightforward and reasonably priced fuel tank alarm is ideal for locations that aren't always manned because it has test and alarm mute features and a battery life of more than 72 hours when in full alert mode.

Three cut-to-size stickers are included with this fuel tank level alert so you can choose one and place it next to the LED to clearly show the user what the warning sound is signaling. There are two with labels for high and low, as well as one that is empty in case you want to permanently identify it with a different name.

This fuel tank alarm comes in two versions: one with a probe for use with oil and diesel and another without one for use with a range of fluids. There are numerous types of tank level probes available. 


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