Economy Fuel Tank Bund Alarm - Chemicals, Water, Oil

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Tank Gauging Systems
FLUID Chemicals, Water, Oil


  • Bund alarm in weatherproof IP55 enclosure
  • 1 x PP3 battery powered
  • Single probe c/w 5m cable & 1 ½” brass cap
  • Red flashing LED & 90dB sounder
  • Test & alarm mute functions
  • 4 x mounting lugs for ease of installation
  • For diesel, fuels and light oils
  • 25m max probe length


An entry-level, battery-operated bunded fuel tank alarm system called the Economy Tank Bund Alarm is intended to warn of the existence of fluid between the inner tank and its outer bund. Its main function is to identify and alert users to the possibility of either an inner tank rupture and subsequent leak or an overabundance of rainwater trapped in the tank's bund. If the customer doesn't care to be notified in the event of a tank level crisis and just needs a bund alert, this is an easy and affordable solution. Upon activation, the user will be alerted by a 90db alarm and a red LED flashing that the tank's bund needs to be cleared and inspected for leaks.

With its waterproof shell, this gasoline tank alarm has a test button to turn on the sounder and a mute button to turn off the alarm to check the battery. The battery is perfect for locations that aren't always manned because of its straightforward use. It will last more than 72 hours in full alert mode and almost 2 years in standby.


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