Kripflow KN25 High Flow Dispensing Nozzle - Fuel

APPLICATION Retail Fuel Stations,Mobile Refuelers


  • Comfortable and built to withstand heavy-duty use.
  • Equipped with a 1-inch NPT spout.
  • Features automatic shut-off for added convenience.
  • Allows for easy, one-handed operation.
  • Boasts very high flow rates.
  • With a maximum pressure of 50 psi (3.45 bar).
  • Includes a three-position hold open latch for flexibility.
  • Available in five colors (red, yellow, green, blue, and black).
  • Designed for the transfer of gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, or kerosene.
  • Minimizes turbulence, foaming, and false shut-offs.


Created with consideration for both gas stations and contemporary consumers. Because it was created with a range of dispensing applications in mind, the KN25 is the most economical answer to your fueling requirements.

Technical Data


Sturdy and resilient, the KN25 is crafted for effective operation and optimal flow.

  • Enhances efficiency while reducing operational expenses.
  • The curved design provides fluids with the most efficient route.
  • The angled inlet minimizes hose wear without compromising flow.
Flow rate

The faster the refueling process, the better. Don't allow your nozzle to be a hindrance. The KN25 high-flow nozzle is designed to boost your productivity, sales, and profits.

  • Offers exceptionally high flow rates (26+ GPM) when compared to rival brands.
  • Equipped with three convenient locking positions for varying flow rates (hold open latch).
  • Ideal for high-volume fueling in farm, fleet, construction equipment, and service stations.

Undoubtedly the superior option, the KN25 robust heavy-duty nozzle is meticulously crafted with durable materials to prolong its lifespan.

  • Boasts a high impact-resistant frame.
  • Endured rigorous cycle testing and demonstrated longevity exceeding 2 million cycles.
  • Constructed with an aluminum sandcast body.
  • Features Nitrile and Viton seals and disc for durability.
  • Includes a weather-resistant scuff guard for additional protection.
Easy to Use

It has never been simpler to fuel up. The ergonomically shaped handle of the K25 provides a comfortable grip for an improved user experience.

  • Simple one-handed use
  • The handle allows room for gloves to be worn while offering a comfortable grip.
  • Having balance and being light,
  • False auto shut-offs, diesel foaming, and turbulence are reduced by a smooth, uniform spray pattern.


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