Kripflow Intelligent Fuel Card (K-card) Fuel Management System - Fuel

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Fuel Management Systems
APPLICATION Retail Fuel Stations,Mobile Refuelers


Simple setup and configuration: Our Fuel Management System (FMS) seamlessly integrates with the majority of pumps and meters. Typically, the installation process is completed within 2 to 3 hours.

Cost-effective yet fully-featured: Our FMS comes at a fraction of the cost compared to existing systems, all while maintaining the level of control and visibility you anticipate. This is made possible by our advanced technology, quality components, and proprietary software.

Constant connectivity: Access your fuel data anytime, anywhere, from any computer. Monitor real-time transactions and implement automatic updates to thwart fraud and regulate fuel usage effectively.

The K Card advantage: Embracing prepayment translates to pre-sales, ultimately boosting the fuel station's overall sales performance. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency.


The Kripflow Intelligent K-Card Fuel Management System stands out as the top-tier solution globally, ensuring unmatched accountability, theft prevention, and efficient station management. It meticulously monitors fuel usage, its destination, and the responsible party, making it the epitome of fuel management systems.

This state-of-the-art technology empowers drivers with a secure gasoline card, fortified by intelligent encryption, facilitating seamless and cashless refueling and payment transactions. It proves to be a dependable and user-friendly choice for fueling stations and fleets, regardless of their scale.

Technical Data

  • Command up to 16 storage tanks and 64 nozzles simultaneously!
  • The most economical solution available
  • No ongoing fees, user charges, or subscriptions
  • Receive real-time updates and alerts regarding fuel inventory
  • Instant registration and processing of all fuel transactions
  • Effectively oversee your station, cutting operational costs
  • Offer flexible payment options and cashless refueling
  • Effortlessly establish fuel card limits or block cards in case of theft
  • Swift refueling process significantly reduces wait times at stations
  • Deliver daily reports and statistics to pinpoint fraudulent transactions
  • Self-service capability (requires fewer attendants)
  • Incorporate a built-in loyalty program to attract customers and boost sales
  • Communicate seamlessly with Auto Tank Gauging for a comprehensive station solution
  • Collect vehicle data, including odometer readings, to generate reports on fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance
  • Designed to withstand unstable power sources
  • Operates continuously in all conditions from -25°C to +55°C
  • Control fuel usage by volume per vehicle/driver/time
  • Compatible with any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter
  • Effectively manage every fuel drop, every day
Front Counter (FC) POS System
  • Command control over 16 storage tanks and 64 nozzles simultaneously!
  • Effortlessly switch control of fuel dispensers between the back office and outdoor (at the dispenser).
  • Access summarized real-time transactional data, easily tracking shift, day, and other operational metrics.
  • Generate receipts with a simple touch of a button and personalize them by displaying your company details/logo.
  • Facilitate seamless data download/upload directly to/from your company's management system.
  • Effortlessly capture statistics for tank loading.

The fuel card module offers the ability to recharge, disable, check balances, and issue cards by amount or volume for both fleet and individual customers. Various types of fuel cards can be issued, including:

  • Prepaid Cards: Primary and supplementary cards, with primary cards able to allocate amounts to supplementary cards for different vehicles under the same account.
  • Credit Cards: Catering to credible/VIP customers.
  • Employee Cards: Internal cards for station attendants handling retail/cash sales, aiding in performance tracking and efficiency improvement.
  • Maintenance Cards: Tailored for technicians and other station maintenance staff.
  • Loyalty Cards: Establish a customizable loyalty program based on fuel amount, volume, fueling time, payment method, fuel type, account type, etc. Loyalty cards are available in both smart chip and barcode formats.
  • Different management levels and authority assignments enhance data security. Integration with an Automatic Tank Gauging System (ATG) allows for tank management and real-time monitoring of up to 16 tanks. Transaction data can be stored by fuel type, customer name, payment amount, transaction time, and other parameters, with the option to generate custom reports using advanced query conditions.
  • An optional SMS module can automatically notify customers or managers via SMS once refueling is complete.


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