Kripflow Fuel Management Systems - Fuel

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Fuel Management Systems
APPLICATION Retail Fuel Stations,Mobile Refuelers


  • Quick and simple installation and setup process
  • Receive live updates and notifications regarding fuel inventory
  • No recurring charges, user fees, or subscription costs
  • Manages up to 16 nozzles concurrently, all dispensing fuel simultaneously
  • The most economical option available in the market
  • Access fuel data anytime, anywhere, on any computer
  • Engineered to handle unreliable power sources
  • Operates seamlessly in all conditions, from -25°C to +55°C
  • Imposes volume restrictions on fuel usage per vehicle, driver, or time
  • Functions as a "preset" delivery system if needed
  • Compatible with any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter


Kripflow's Fuel Management System (FMS) stands out as the most efficient solution globally, ensuring full accountability and preventing theft. It monitors the fuel drawn from your tank, its destination, and the responsible party.

Minimize the effort devoted to report upkeep and fuel reconciliation, safeguard your pumps against theft and unauthorized transactions. Our FMS serves as a comprehensive fuel management system and fleet control technology, managing every fuel transaction seamlessly on a daily basis. It is highly reliable, cost-effective, and all-encompassing, providing you with all the necessary fuel-related insights to gauge your fleet's effectiveness.

Technical Data

Software models & Functions
  • Supervision of pumps and dispensers
  • Real-time monitoring of pump and tank status, along with tank alarms
  • Management of deliveries
  • Organization of shifts
  • Instant tracking of overall sales, accounting, and inventory
  • Adjustment of prices in real-time
  • Registration of tank deliveries
  • Transmission of data

Simple installation

Our Fuel Management System (FMS) is designed to work seamlessly with the majority of pumps and meters. Typically, the installation process takes only 2 to 3 hours.

Affordable with comprehensive features

Our FMS offers a complete set of features at a significantly lower cost compared to other fuel management systems. This cost-effectiveness is achieved through our advanced technology, high-quality components, and proprietary software, ensuring you retain the control and visibility you desire.

Continuous connectivity

Access your fuel data anytime, anywhere, using any computer. Monitor real-time transactions and implement automatic updates to prevent fraud and regulate fuel consumption.


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