Kripflow KL Series LPG Dispenser - LPG

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Fuel Dispensers
APPLICATION Retail Fuel Stations,Mobile Refuelers


  • Attractive appearance and internal components that resist corrosion.
  • Superior data security and precise measurement through intelligent pulsar
  • Low leakage risk thanks to sophisticated sealing and a modular hydraulic system design
  • Electronic calibration with high sensitivity in one step.
  • Options for preset volume and amount.
  • A backlit LCD display.
  • With communication via RS 485.
  • Options for protocols enable efficient communication and smooth integration with different automation systems.
  • Tough, dependable, and cost-effective.


The Kripflow KL Series LPG dispensers not only adhere to OIML standards but also deliver exceptional performance. Multiple dispenser configurations are offered to cater to specific product types, metering options, pump selections, nozzle varieties, flow rates, and other essential features.

Technical Data

The high performance LPG dispenser from the Kripflow KL Series is made to increase your fuel business's accuracy, security, and uptime. Why wait to bring the KL Series to your station when there is a growing demand for more cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy sources?

  • High durability, low operating costs, ease of use, and excellent performance
  • Depending on the quantity of nozzles, flow rate, and accessories needed, select the model that best suits your requirements.
  • Improved electronics that are made to withstand variations in high and low power
Flow Rate 5-50 L/min
Accuracy +0.5%
Digits for sales 7 digits
Digits of volume 7 digits
Digits of unit price 5 digits
Electronic Totalizer 10 digits
Temperature -40°C – 45°C
Working Pressure 0-2.5MPa
Intensity Test 2.0MPa
Air tightness Test 1.8MPa
Solenoid valve AC220V Ex Proof
Safety return valve 1.6MPa
Hose 3/4″
Communication RS485
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Optional Features
  • 7 x 6 x 5 LCD display (normally 6 x 6 x 4)
  • Advertising canopy with an LED scrolling display
  • Mechanical totalizer that cannot be reset
  • Ticket publisher
  • Easy-to-use steel keypad for effortless operation
  • Removeable and Reusable Filter
  • Switch for emergency shut-off


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