Kripflow KDX Series Dispensers - Fuels

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Fuel Dispensers
APPLICATION Industrial,gas stations,quarry & mining,earth-moving


  • Simple to operate, exceptionally durable, cost-effective, and delivering outstanding performance.
  • Compact and robust design, ideal for installation in confined spaces.
  • Advanced electronics crafted and produced to withstand high/low power fluctuations.


The KDX Series Dispensers excel in achieving outstanding performance while adhering to OIML standards. Our dispensers offer a range of configurations, tailored to specific product types, metering options, nozzle choices, fueling speed, and various other requirements. Powered by the latest ARM processor, the dispenser's next-generation main board, coupled with a fresh design, enhances functionality, simplifies configuration, and ensures robust safety measures.

Thanks to its robust build and compact dimensions, the KDX Series dispenser is the optimal choice for installations in space-constrained environments. These dispensers effectively meet the demands of modern service stations and industrial fleet customers, delivering both performance and a combination of security, reliability, and aesthetics.

Furthermore, upgrading the main board opens the door to incorporating features such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, Smart Card compatibility, printing, and more. With premium industrial electronic components from Kripflow, superior performance and resilience against power surges, electrostatic shock, and electromagnetic interference are guaranteed.

Technical Data

Accuracy   + 0.25%
Flow Rate    50 LPM or 80 LPM for heavy duty
Digits for sales   7 or 6 digits
Digits for volume   6 digits
Digits for Unit Price   5 or 4 digits
Power Supply   AC220V (-15%~+10%) 50 / 60HZ
  AC380V (-15%~+10%) 50 / 60HZ
Electronic Mechanical Totalizer   7 digits
Electronic Totalizer   10 digits
Temperature   -25°C to +55°C
Humidity   5% to 95%
Optional Features
  • LCD display with a 7 – 6 – 5 configuration (standard is 6 – 6 – 4)
  • Canopy features LED scrolling display for advertising
  • Equipped with a Single phase motor (standard 3 phase)
  • Includes a non-resettable mechanical totalizer
  • Comes with a ticket printer
  • User-friendly steel keypad for easy operation
  • External reusable filter for added convenience
  • Emergency shut-off switch for safety
  • Multi-plane swivel for flexibility
System Configuration

Flow Meter

Kripflow's flow meters are designed to uphold precision and consistency throughout the dispenser's lifespan. The distinctive internal structure and top-notch components minimize drift significantly over the meter's life.


Our UL-listed motors deliver outstanding performance and overload protection. Premium capacitors enable the motor to start with a lower voltage power supply. The enhanced electrical system also shields the PCB boards from lightning.

Configuration Options

Standard Duty: 50 LPM
Heavy Duty: 80 LPM



Pump Type Nozzle Pump





vane 1 1 1 1


gear 1 1 1


KDX-111(S) submersible 1 1 1



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