Automatic Ad-Blue Dispensing Unit

PRODUCT CATEGORY Fuel | Fuel Dispensers
APPLICATION Retail Fuel Stations,Mobile Refuelers


  • Automatic completion
  • No operator required
  • 100% compatible with all vehicles
  • Robust design
  • Easy to handle
  • Flow rate adjustment


Introducing a cutting-edge solution tailored for workshops, our new system redefines AdBlue® dispensing with convenience and safety in mind. Designed for easy transportation, the system features a sturdy trolley accommodating the AdBlue® drum. With a simple push of the start button, the electric pump efficiently refills vehicles, ensuring a seamless process.

What sets this system apart is its innovative closed design, preventing vapors and odors from escaping and safeguarding the AdBlue® from external pollutants. During refilling, the air in the car's tank seamlessly transfers to the Delphin's tank. This flexible and user-friendly system is not only easy to maneuver but also provides a secure and efficient solution for AdBlue® dispensing in workshops.

Technical Data

Additional Information

  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Dimensions: 108 × 77 × 80 cm
  • Drums Size: 200L

Dimension Figure


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